Remembering when times were simpler….great 00’s fashion too

D’YA REMEMBER CLACKERS AN’ THAT, DO YA?!?! (complete with “Cheggers Plays Pops” font — all bases covered)
“Being heard through time” — This image (proudly by me) is fomenting a poem somehow/somewhere…more to follow!
A Holloway — a sunken road used from pre-history times to get about from village to village — I luv ‘em

“Guess where we’re going on holiday, luv (yes, here)” Photo from the awesome @Pubs_of_Mcr

Me in my hebridean bothy, cos it’s a bit wet and windy out
Yeah mate, feeling that
“Ooooh Betty, I did a whoopsie on the carpet” or something….

My favourite Bob thing, with the more recent “First Dates” sketch a modern day classic

James C

Making sense of mental health in blokes

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